February 26, 2018

17 Nail Tips And Tricks We Learned On Instagram



1. Dab polish on a cosmetic sponge to create ombré art.

2. Use a tea bag to mend a broken nail.

3. Use reinforcement stickers as a guide to create neat French manicures.

4. Grab a piece of tape to draw perfect lines.

5. Outline nails with glue to quickly clean up excess polish.

6. Use a bobby pin to create perfectly round polka dots.

7. Grab your reinforcement stickers again. This time, you can create half-moon manicures.

8. Dab petroleum jelly around the top of nail polish bottles to prevent lids from drying shut.

9. Use a net to create a mermaid manicure.

10. Dip wet nails in to a bowl of cold water to speed up the drying time.

11. Cut the ends of gloves to protect your hands during a splatter mani.

12. Use a floss stick to create abstract designs.

13. Make your own polish-removing tool using sponges and a jar.

14. Rub stained nails with lemon water to remove discoloration.

15. Apply glue as a base coat for easy removal of glitter polish.

16. Use an old eyeshadow to create a custom nail-polish color.

17. Keep cotton swabs by your side to clean nail polish off of your cuticles.



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