11 of the Most Delicious Things You Can Do to Carrots

These recipes are the (carrot) top of the bunch.

Sliced, roasted carrots and chickpeas in bowl.

Everybody has a bag of carrots in their fridge. They’re super affordable—usually no more than a dollar or two, depending on whether you buy organic—and make for a quick, healthy snack. But the life of a bag of carrots is often a sad one. Sometimes, we end up using most of it right away in a soup, stew, or juice. But more often than not, it goes forgotten in the crisper drawer for weeks, hoping for the day that it can be the star of one of our meals. Considering how versatile this bright orange veggie can be, it deserves more than the back of the fridge.

These 11 exciting recipes give your bag of carrots the attention it deserves. Each and every one of them takes advantage of the vegetable’s unique sweet and earthy flavor in sugary, savory, and spicy ways you probably haven’t seen before. (The exception: a classic carrot cake, which we included because no list of carrot recipes would be complete without it.)

Carrot gnocchi on white plate.


1 Vegan, Gluten-Free Carrot Gnocchi 

Blissful Basil keeps this carrot gnocchi recipe gluten-free and vegan by using almond flour, arrowroot starch, and nutritional yeast instead of eggs and white flour. Get the recipe here.

Oatmeal with carrots, nuts, and Greek yogurt.
2 Carrot Cake Overnight Oats from Fit Foodie Finds
Overnight oats are always better when they kinda, sorta taste like cake. Especially carrot cake. Get the recipe here.
Orange carrot soup topped with coconut milk and microgreens.
Parmesan-baked carrots on a sheet pan.
4 Parmesan Roasted Carrots from Your Homebased Mom
Parmesan makes everything decadent. Including roasted carrots. Get the recipe here.
Baked carrot chips in blue and white bowl.
5 Healthy Baked Carrot Chips from A Spicy Perspective
These healthy baked chips are great for snacking. We suggest making a bunch on Sunday and dividing them among snack packs to eat throughout your week. Get the recipe here.
Carrot smoothie in clear glass.
6Almond Carrot Cake Smoothie from The Almond Eater
The Almond Eater makes this smoothie taste like carrot cake by blending carrots with coconut, dates, maple syrup, and more. 
Three-layer carrot cake on white cake stand.
7 The Best Carrot Cake from Gimme Some Oven
You knew it was coming. This carrot cake is, per Gimme Some Oven, the best. Get the recipe here.
Sliced, roasted carrots and chickpeas in bowl.
8Turmeric Roasted Chickpea Carrot Salad from Cotter Crunch
Carrot salad just makes sense. Here, chopped, roasted carrots of various colors are combined with crispy chickpeas and doused in a smooth, creamy tahini sauce. Get the recipe here.
Spicy Harissa Carrot Hummus from Dishing up the Dirt
You can make hummus out of just about anything, including carrots. Dishing up the Dirt adds a touch of harissa (a spicy North African chili paste) to give it a kick. Get the recipe here.
Carrot noodles in bowl topped with pumpkin sauce and crispy pancetta.
10 Pumpkin-Sage Alfredo Carrot Pasta With Crispy Pancetta from Inspiralized
Carrot noodles are a bit more al dente than their zucchini noodle counterparts. Which means they stand up well against the thick, creamy pumpkin-sage sauce in this dish. Get the recipe here.
Carrot bread in bread pan on marble countertop.
11 Olive Oil Carrot Bread With Candied Carrots from Brooklyn Supper
One: This loaf of bread is gorgeous. Two: You’re going to want to eat if forever and always. Three: It’s topped with candied carrots. Get the recipe here.

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