8 Pieces of Clothing You Can Throw Away Right Now

And give them up forever

1. Anything broken, torn or “waiting to be fixed.” Let’s be honest: If you didn’t immediately run to the seamstress within a week or two, it’s probably not even worth the expense of repair.

2. Cropped jackets and sweaters. That ship sailed in 2002. If it comes back around, you can get new ones. The space in your closet is more valuable right now.

3. Colored denim. See above. (Same goes for chevron.)

4. Anything that has accidentally shrunk. Not even a 30-day master cleanse can make up for a dryer mishap.

5. That skintight “club” dress you haven’t touched in five years. Not to say you shouldn’t own some sexy numbers, but maybe opt for an update to that sequined mini that makes you shudder every time you thumb past it.

6. A patterned blazer. We know: It was on sale. But classic navy goes with everything, while pink-and-white floral does not.

7. Anything with stains. If none of these solutions work, it’s time to toss.

8. Anything uncomfortable. You’ll never wear it. End of story.

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