Holographic Eyeliner Is the Latest Galactic Trend Blowing Up on Instagram


Image Source: Instagram user face_lace
Time to dig up last year’s holiday wrapping paper and tinsel to try out Instagram’s new fad: holographic eyeliner. The style is starting to pop up on Instagram as the latest iteration of the unicorn/galaxy trend.Women trying these looks out are stating their inspiration as Pat McGrath and Vlada Haggerty. And according to them, it’s pretty easy to DIY! Just create your normal eye makeup look — bold brows, lush lashes, etc. Cut a tight-lined or superwinged eyeliner piece out of your most festive piece of holographic paper. Eyelash glue is how you can adhere it to your skin. We even saw someone try a “shattered glass” look, inspired by this K-Beauty trend.

Keep reading to see 10 gorgeous holographic eyeliner styles!

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